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Susie Johnson is an artist living and working in Cambridge, UK


Her artistic interests are diverse but always circle back to interlink as recognisably belonging to a set at some level. Her works often involve exploring simple elements to create new associations, complexity and dynamism.  She revels in dissembling order, diverting paths and offering choices. Exploration of the elemental drawn line has under-pinned many of the works; how we manipulate this artificial device to relay information through readable forms is a key theme. The use of other media, including sculpture and prints, develops simultaneously along parallel paths and her projects often embrace language.

The philosophy of identity and the tension between nomothetic and idiographic views of the world run through her projects. Attempts at ownership, signposted through representations of collections and imagined taxonomies are a favourite trope. A lover of games Susie invites the audience to find the relationships, between images and objects that on face value may seem unconnected. 


BA Fine Art (1st class honours), Anglia Ruskin, Cambridge


Building and Architecture HNC, Hackney College, London

Exhibitions & Festivals

Immersions: into the river cam, Robinson College, Cambridge, 22-26 June 2022


Light Work, Cambridge Artworks, 25-27 March 2022


Constellation 18, a group exhibition made in isolation, Cambridge Artworks

1st - 18th April 2021 

CamCRAG 'Home' exhibition, Michaelhouse Centre, Trinity St, Cambridge

10-29 June 2019


Creative Reactions/Pint of Science, St Barnabas, Mill Rd, Cambridge May 2019


A Raid On The Inarticulate, The Crypt Gallery, St Pancras Church, London, November 2018

Creative Reactions/Pint of Science, St Barnabas, Mill Rd, Cambridge, May 2018


The Art of Relation, Cambridge, May 2018


Tense, Cambridge ArtSpace, December 2017

Nasty Women, Cambridge Artworks, March 2017

One Place After Another, Cambridge Artworks, October 2016

Object Object Alison Richards Building, Cambridge July-Sept 2016

Art Language Location, Anglia Ruskin School of Art ,October 2015

Correspondence, Cambridge Artworks, Oct 2015

Art Language Location, Jesus Green Lock, Cambridge & Waterstones, Cambridge, October 2014

Cambridge Original Printmakers, , The Pitt Building, Cambridge, 27 September – 4 Oct 2014

Cambridge UX, Churchill College, Cambridge, 2014

Mitchums Models, Mitchums Corner, Cambridge , July 2014

Travels from a starting point, Cambridge Artworks, Solo show, 9-11 May 2014

Aid&Abet Open Salon, Kettle’s Yard, Cambridge Feb 2013

Artworks Studio Artists, Cambridge Artworks 2013


Britain in a Day film submission, broadcast BBC2 June 2012

Sustainability, Nov 2012, The global Sustainability institute and Cambridge school of Art 2012

Sustainability arts student competition, 1st prize winner

Incognito, St James School, London Nov 2011

Anglia Ruskin University School of Art 2010-2013

Student led exhibitions in and around Cambridge and the university:

Uncovered, How to build a sandcastle, Simpatico, Restricted area, A muse, Heterotopia, Twenty-four and Kings Street. 


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